Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 6

A very interesting development episode overall. A bunch of information regarding the past and present is thrown at us this week, and there is also some tense moment too. Now we are getting ever so closer to the main suspect, and it looks pretty obvious to me who it is. While I expect some twist and stuff, it doesn’t look like we are getting any, probably.


I like that they get into the action pretty quick. Sotaru saving Airi and all. I was expecting that to happen, but wasn’t really sure if it’s going to happen this early. Nevertheless it was a really interesting development. The part where Sachiko’s friend meet with Satoru was a really good development for the series. Now I see why Satoru’s mom is always on guard regarding Kayo’s case. Turns out her friend was a reporter, and an obsessed one about the murder case. I really love when they shed light of what actually happened to Kayo, as well as other critical stuff about what happened 18 years ago. They even explained how the murderer always puts the blame on someone else as well.


Airi is pretty amazing as well this week. I don’t believe many people would go as far as Airi to try and save someone. The believe, and strong willed Airi, an amazing character to have. Even Airi’s mom is awesome too. In the end despite trying to help Sotaru, she end up giving the police where he was hiding. It wasn’t on purpose, but it was expected. Despite all that she actually gave Satoru a clue to who the murderer were.


I really like that Satoru now knows who the killer is though. Well at least I think he does. That look at his face says it all. Hard to believe it’s someone else besides Satoru’s homeroom teacher now. While it’s pretty obvious, it was still interesting. I guess it’s time for Satoru to go back to her childhood days and try to fix things again. That blue butterfly appeared again, so it’s pretty much an indication that he will. If somehow he is able to fix it, I guess everything would be totally different for the present, as long as the murderer is caught that is. But it doesn’t look that easy to be honest. I bet it will probably take a few trips for everything to be fixed.


Man I’m really liking the show still. While we might actually already know who the murderer is, they are still able to make it interesting for us to watch. It’s not really just about identifying the murderer now, it’s time to guess at what will happen next. How is Satoru going to fix things, and how will he try to convince people that the murderer is the homeroom teacher. Things will get more interesting for now on, not like it’s not already interesting as it is now. I really can’t wait for the next episode. Next week can’t come soon enough! Thanks for reading.



Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 5

Overall quite an unexpected episode to watch. Things are definitely getting a lot more interesting, but the way the story unfolds this week, it’s kinda unique. Not sure if it’s good or bad, but we’ll know about that in the next episode or so. The suspense is still there, and a lot really happened this week. Quite a development really. I’m trying to avoid talking about any spoilers in this paragraph, so sorry about that.


I fell a bit sad knowing that Satoru didn’t manage to save Kayo in the end. It’s true what his mom said though, there’s only so much one can do. I keep saying that he needs to rely more on his mom, but even that doesn’t seems good enough. Maybe in the end, the only way to solve all this has to be him alone. I’m not so sure how I liked about him going back to the present and all. I have mix feelings about it, but if it’s for the best, then I guess I’ll be patient about it.


At the moment, somehow it felt like Kayo’s mom is at fault behind all this. But I doubt it’s really her fault. Remember when Kayo was back home, her mom was actually out. I bet the killer who did all this actually beat her up good, and killed her. That explains why the boyfriend was panicking and Kayo’s mom was sorta speechless. The serial killer improvised and changed his plan, obviously. There is really nothing much Satoru could do anyway if he stayed there, and bam, back to the present.


He is back to the original timeline, and escaping the cops. I guess if he stayed there and didn’t run away, he’ll be going to the prison for sure. The serial killer is very sharp and base on how thing goes, he managed to put everyone else in jail without getting himself involved. Previously in the past when Kayo died on the 2nd March, Yuuki was at fault, but the recent Kayo who died after the birthday, it was different on the 3rd March. I bet this time it all points to Kayo’s mom instead of Yuuki. They didn’t even mentioned about Yuuki this week, I bet Yuuki didn’t go to jail this time though. Keep it mind, I still think the killer is Satoru’s homeroom teacher. While there is still no evidence behind it, he seems like the only guy who could pull such a thing.


Satoru’s action definitely changed the course of the future. I guess we’ll be seeing him going back and forth from now on. Airi really saved Satoru’s butt, and she even punch that pizza guy to the face. Such badass girl, I like! She believes in Satoru, but things are still going well for the killer. He seems always one step forward. Satoru is probably going to be blamed again if Airi dies in that house. Pretty smart for the killer to use Satoru’s mom number to SMS Airi at the end. The serial killer gets away with another crime if Airi dies. Somehow I feel like someone might rescue her in the end, but maybe not this time? Another time? Who knows.


It’s pretty interesting, and you could like predict a lot of route on how this could go. The longer the story goes the more tragic it gets. How is Satoru going to deal with all this? Well it seems pretty obvious to me. After the death of someone, he’ll return back to the past and alter it somehow. I’m sure next week we’ll see the small Satoru trying to find away to prevent Kayo’s death again. Each time he gets sent back to the past, a few clues will lead him to the killer, and in the end he’ll manage to solve it somehow. The best part I think will be the ride. The hardship and everything that Satoru has to overcome will be what makes this series so good in the end. Well at least that’s what I’m hoping for at the moment. I just hope it isn’t going to confusing in a few episodes to come. Looking forward for more, have a nice day guys.


Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 3

Another week, another great episode. This week’s episode is really an interesting one to watch. We are introduced to Yashiro sensei, Satoru’s homeroom teacher, and they also showed some of the abuse that happened to Kayo. Many things to think about this week. There is also a potential suspect too, behind all this mysteries. Some speculations could be made, but not much clues just yet. Lots of uneasiness, it just felt like bad things are about to happen.


Most stuff that happened this week seems like an introduction for some of the important characters in the show. Characters like Yashiro sensei, Yuuki-san, as well as Kayo’s mom and her boyfriend? Slowly things are taking place, and the buildup is already building for this show. The way I see it I really don’t feel like Yuuki is the main perpetrator in all this. He seems like a nice guy. Sure there is that porn stash, but that’s sorta normal for a teenager 😉


Yashiro sensei, I’m getting a bad vibe from this guy. He looks really suspicious to me. He is sometimes nice sure, but isn’t that normal for a teacher to be nice? Satoru thinks he is very sharp and observant, and I really think the sensei is, and it’s really not for a good reason. Also that scene at the end, makes things more suspicious than ever. At first I though Kenya is going to be a big help for Satoru, but it turns out it might be the other way around. Man things are really getting interesting! While it’s still to early, I think I could be wrong about suspecting Yashiro sensei, but you never know.


Poor little Kayo though. The abuse she gets from her mom is really something. Just looking at her mom makes me sick. Who in their right mind would do such a thing to their daughters really. The thought of doing something like that, man I hope we don’t see anything like that again. Could it be that her mom is into drugs are something? Because it really looks like it.


I really don’t like how thing is right now. It just felt like Satoru is in a big disadvantage. One thing is his homeroom teacher might be the main suspect of the murder, 2nd thing is he is also the one handling the stuff that is related to Kayo’s abusing. The only way this could turn around is, if Satoru’s mom helped him. I see it happening but not so soon. I also have a feeling that there are multiple people conspiring behind all this bad things. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. I am loving this show, it’s just awesome at the moment, and I hope it keeps getting good as the show goes on. Thanks for reading.


Boku dake ga Inai Machi Episode 2

Man this anime is really good. I like how everything is at the moment, and people are already calling it the anime of the year already. It’s kinda a bit too soon for that, but it’s really one of the best anime so far, sure. I love how the story is told in general. The pacing is just right, and everything is very much perfect at the moment. As Sotaru returns back in time, he tries to get used to how it is back then. It’s nice to see all his friends, as well as everyone else still being alive. This anime really is serious most of the time, but I like how Satoru’s little friends made it less serious and more fun to watch.


Sotaru returns back in time, only to find himself back when he was little. Looks like there is really no way to go back from this. He has to fix what’s was wrong, and save both Hinazuki and his mother from that serial killer. I really like the part when Sotaru returns back home looking for his mom. I definitely would have done the same. That feel when you see your mom back alive, that would be something awesome for sure. Touching moment, definitely. Really love how Sotaru realize how precious family time is now. It’s probably a good time for Sotaru to change some stuff too about his life, but I doubt much will change maybe. I do hope things turned a lot better for him at least.


One of Sotaru’s friend Kenya looks like someone that will be helpful for Sotaru. I just think he will be crucial in making things a success for Sotaru. I also have a bad feeling that not everything is going to turn out fine for Sotaru. I bet there is plenty of feels and bad moments before he can save both Hinazuki and his mom. Just what awaits us is still unknown, but I’m ready! Sotaru has already been making his move to save Hinazuki. The girl is really a pain, but seeing how Hinazuki’s mother kinda beats her up when she returned home definitely explain why she isn’t a normal girl. I like the part when both Sotaru and Hinazuki talks about each other. Hinazuki is slowly opening up for Sotaru, it is kinda sweet.


Looks like were probably gonna have some happy moment still, but I don’t think it will be long until we see something tragic again. So far this anime is really good, the animation is just awesome, same can be said about the OP and ED song. Really love hearing the ED song for the first time. So far i’m really satisfied with this show. Doubt many could top this show this season, well at least not this early. Hoping this anime continues to be great as it is. I really don’t know what to expect next, but next episode, it’s probably going to be about Sotaru’s birthday, maybe. Looking forward to it. Hope you guys enjoy this show as much as I do. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.


Boku Dake ga Inai Machi First Impressions

Wow! I’m impressed. This anime has huge potential. I think it could be one of this season’s best shows. Well at least it’s certainly one of the best so far after one episode. The atmosphere in this anime is just great, and for a first episode a lot of stuff kinda happened. I haven’t read the manga, but I heard good thing about it. Seriously didn’t expect it to be this good. A lot of stuff is kinda spoiler to talk about, so I’ll keep my mouth shut about that, so you guys can enjoy this post spoiler free. I’ll just talk about the art, and etc, without revealing any plot.


They definitely have a lot of budget for this anime. There is a lot of stuff that’s animated just for this episode. Not to mention how good the quality is since it’s done by A-1 Pictures. Everything for the first episode is just nicely done, from the beginning till the end. The plot itself is compact and just amazing. I heard that the whole first volume of the manga was used just to adapt the first episode. After the end of the first episode, I was just left amazed by what happened. I just wanted more of it, and I’m actually considering to reading the manga now. Usually it would take a while for me to think about reading the manga, but this show kinda convinced me early, a bit too early.


Now lets get down to the characters. We were introduced to a few characters so far. Satoru Fujinuma a struggling manga artist who is kinda haunted about his past. He kinda doesn’t want to delve deep in his mind because he is afraid of his past. While the manga artist part doesn’t seem to play much of a role in the series, his supernatural power does. As for the other side characters there is 2 of them introduced so far. One of them is Satoru’s mom, Sachiko Fujinuma and the other one is his co-worker Airi Katagiri. I like Airi, she is very friendly, straight forward and cheerful. Nothing much from her so far. As for Satoru’s mom, she seems to young to be 52 years old, she looks like she is in her 30s. Besides that she is a good cook, her personality is also nice, very observant an pretty protective.


As I’ve already mentioned the atmosphere in this show is just great. They utilized the music pretty well, and every time there is some sort of flashback, I’m like totally in a different environment. The soundtrack definitely sets the tone, mood, as well as everything that’s happening. Don’t forget the sound design as well, from the sound of the paper flying around, the clock ticking, footsteps and everything else. All the small sounds detail kinda plays a role at that as well. They definitely put a lot of work in this anime. I just kinda feel like I’m watching a movie.


Overall, this show is a must watch. I haven’t seen anything like it, and the potential for this anime to be one of the best this season is there as well, no doubt about it. Really good animation, great character, and has an amazing atmosphere and soundtrack. The ending song is pretty good too. After I’m done writing this, I’m going to recommend this anime to a bunch of my friends. I’m pretty sure they will like it. So that’s it from me, what are you waiting for, just watch this show already.