Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 7

This episode is beyond neko. I haven’t seen an episode of any anime that has so much cats in it. Definitely an interesting one if you are a cat lover, and of course nekogirls. It was an entertaining episode still, while there is nothing significant to advance the plot, there was actually a small moment that means something between Mai and Yaruhiko, maybe. I don’t think I really mind watching something like this week in and week out, it’s quite fun actually, the series as a whole I mean.


Everything is so neko, there is really nothing not neko this week. I really like the part where they visited the lolis. It was kinda sweet and heartwarming for some reason. Maybe because they have that admire vibe, and the senpais are so nice too them. So they end up looking for a missing neko, and everyone at school not only acts like nekos, but some of them even turned to nekos. What a coincidence.


I think the cutest thing has to be how all the girls turned to nekos. Mai was alright, Kaito was pretty cute, but Reina and Kurumi has to be one of the cutest out of all of them. I understand why Haruhiko doesn’t turn out to be a neko though, it would be sorta of a turn off if he does. Good thing they only focus on the girls. When Kurumi was talking like a cat, that was like the cutest thing. Although I kinda cringe sometimes, it was still alright overall.


Everything is so neko, even the phantom is neko this week. For some reason that big neko phantom cat somehow reminded me of a cat in one of those Studio Ghibli movies. The good thing this week was that the phantom was a good one, neko phantom was just lonely that no one visits the mansion anymore. That little cat they were looking for was really cute though, looks like one of those munchkin cat with short legs.


Overall I think it was good episode. Maybe some might get tired of it because there was really no progress in terms of the plot? But I notice that Mai is somewhat fonder now with Haruhiko. She kinda blushes once and was kinda jealous that Reina was a bit too close with Haruhiko. It was definitely intentional as far as I can see. Maybe there might be some romance in the end? Maybe. Or maybe it’s a lot better if they just don’t go with that route at all, make things neutral, because some ship is gonna sink, and fans will definitely not be happy. Lets see how next week goes, thanks for reading guys.



Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 6

The longer I watch this show, the better it gets. This is what I think, whenever I finished watching every week. There isn’t anymore of those fanservice as well. As expected, it’s a viral marketing for them at the start. Where they try to attract new viewer by excessively making a lot of fanservice scenes. While I think it’s a good idea, it’s actually a bad move as well, as not many are into fanservice anime, and people are getting the wrong impressions when they first watch the series. Good thing is there isn’t anymore of it, and they are finally focusing more into the character development now. This week is all about Kurumi-chan, and it’s really one cute episode to watch. While I don’t think it’s really the best anime this season, I have to give props for the show being consistent and improving.


Loli overload this week. If you like Kurumi, I guess this episode is a great one to watch. It’s really one cute episode I give you that. The amount of bears, and how the world felt like Alice in Wonderland is kinda good imo. I don’t think everyone would agree, but since it’s Kurumi’s imagination and her own world, it makes sense why it’s so cute. Pretty sure those who doesn’t enjoy loli or moe stuff will definitely dislike this episode a lot. While I don’t think it’s as good as Reina’s episode, it definitely came close.


It’s really a fuwa fuwa episode. I kinda feel like it’s a bit too cute. Despite all the cuteness there is at least some serious side in the story this week. Although it’s mostly about Kurumi’s conflicted feelings, I think it’s not a bad episode at all. Seeing Kurumi and her cute personality, such a good episode for loli lovers out there. I’m pretty neutral about lolis, and I think at times there should be one to make the show a little bit interesting. The weird part about Kurumi though is that everything about her is all about kuma, even her birthplace has kuma in it. Pretty amazing, lol! While I don’t get why her favorite food is bear’s paw at the beginning, I think it’s has something to do with cookies.


The ending was sorta touching as well, but not as the same level as Reina’s episode. It really felt like they used the same formula too. One good thing I like about this episode is there is development at least. We even saw Kaito sticking up with the group as well. Finally things are going well, all that is left is probably Haruhiko’s own episode, but I think it will be a while before they show it. Now I’m just hoping for some good action. They should get back to fighting powerful phantom’s or something. I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m satisfied about the series so far. While definitely not the best, it’s at least entertaining to watch with a bunch of cute girls. Thanks for reading.


Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 5

It’s getting better lately. I’m liking the series more thanks to the character developments. Last week’s was Reina and this week is about Kaito and a little bit about that loli girl. It should get a lot more interesting from now on too. Finally Kaito in the running for best girl vs my Reina-chan? 😀 A bunch of phantom fight as always with a mix of new members, a really good episode overall.


The more I know about Kaito, the more I’m starting to like her. As expected though, Kaito is a nice person after all. Her past is what makes her in such a tight spot at the moment. It’s pretty sad to find out about what happened to Kaito though. Even her parent’s can’t accept her and her powers. Seems to be somewhat similar to Reina’s situation, although the circumstances are different. Sad to know that she has been without a friend all this time as well. Can’t blame her though, she has lost a bunch of friends in the past, I guess she just doesn’t want to lose more by making more friends.


Now that we know, I guess all is forgiven. It also explains why Himeno sensei has been meddling around and asking her for help. Everything seems to be paying of in the end. Looks like Kaito has finally opened up a bit. There is also that loli Kurimi who should be part of the group too soon. Kaito’s overpowered ability with that giant loli bear, the team can’t get more overpowered that it already is. I wonder what they have in store for us soon. With such OP team, I guess there is going to be a huge phantom battle or something soon. Everything seems to point out at that little computer device from the factory. I guess the big boss lies in it, maybe.


I’m liking how everything is turning out for the show now. The character development is there, and the show is finally going somewhere. It’s advancing slowly sure, but things should speed up soon enough. All that is left is to know more about Haruhiko, Ruru and Kurimi, and we should be good for something big afterwards, hopefully. Now I’m interested to know more about the show. Hoping it won’t disappoint in the long run, but all I can see is good stuff from now on. Hopefully I’m right. Looking forward for more of Phantom World. Thanks for reading. Remember there is more cute Kurimi gifs awaiting in the gif gallery. 🙂


Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 4

Everything is about Reina this week, and I really like it a lot just for that. It’s down to personal preference this week, if you like Reina, I guess you’ll really like this episode. If not, maybe it’s just meh. Plenty of cute Reina, but that loli is missing again. I find it really touching at the end, and it was really one kawaii episode.


From the start till the end, I was all fuwa fuwa because of Reina. There was a glance of how Reina’s real one-sama looks like as well, at least from the back. So Reina’s big sister likes to ride bikes, and left home. Although there isn’t much development about her big sister, there is definitely a lot for Reina herself. I just hope she stays strong, and I think she’ll cope with it. Hoping that they will talk more about her big sister in the future.


Although it was suppose to be one sad episode, it was really a cute one to watch. Reina was so cute this week, I think it will take forever for me to make all the gifs. That phantom who possessed Reina wasn’t a bad one at all. Although it felt sinister at first, but in the end I think it’s a good phantom that wants to help Reina to forget all about her problems. I like the cute part, even Mai has some part of the cuteness.


There seems to be more involvement of Kaito as well. She keeps giving advice and appearing. I bet she is really worried about Reina. She checks her out often just to make sure she is safe. Although she acts very arrogant, she actually really isn’t, pretty sure everyone knows that. I’m still wondering if she will ever join the group. It will be really interesting if she did. When will that loli join too, this is taking forever.


I like the ending of this episode. It’s like one of those finale episode. Although there isn’t much buildup for it to be amazing, I think it’s quite good in the end. Seeing Reina happy, makes me happy as well. I think this episode is my personal favorite so far. I’m not sure what they will have in store next, but I hope it gets a lot more interesting soon. It has to get more interesting than it already is, if not I’m going to be disappointed. Well that’s all from me this week, thanks for reading. Do remember to check our GIF gallery for more cute Reina gifs.


Musaigen no Phantom World Episode 3

Another entertaining episode. It’s a good show to watch so far, but it has yet to offer anything that could keep me hooked. It does remain consistent at what they do best, and that’s the fighting scene. I just hope there is some boss phantom are something that could make this show a little bit more interesting. For now it seems they are still sticking with the same formula, with some new additional stuff added slowly. They are still teasing us about that loli girl, but this time Himeno sensei has some more screen time than the usual, which is kinda refreshing.


I like that this episode is more focused on Mai as well, because you know….last week I was complaining that there isn’t much about Mai yet apart from the fighting part. Mai remembering about her past and her childhood friend is actually not that bad. It’s also nice to see how close Mai is with Haruhiko. For some reason I feel like Mai has feelings for him now, just a bit. I kinda wish it never happen though, because it’s not what I’ve signed up for in this anime. I like seeing Reina being jealous though.


The 2 phantom girl isn’t that hard to guess. As expected they were once Mai’s childhood friend. I really like the part that Mai is sorta still the same as she is now, when she was little. Not quite sure how those 2 phantom girl became friends with Mai though. Wish they would explain it a little bit more. While the memory copy part seems like a nice addition to the show, I find it kinda lame because Haruhiko is sorta overpowered now, despite his limitation. I was expecting other members cover for his shortcoming, but looks like this memory copy bullshit will make things easier for him now.


Well not a bad episode overall, I enjoyed the fighting scene, and I sorta like Mai more now thanks to this episode. I just hope the loli makes her appearance soon, maybe she will be a nice addition to the show, on the moe side at least. Looking forward to what will happen next. Hopefully there is something interesting in store for us. Thanks for reading. Remember to check out other additional gifs of this episode here.


Musaigen no Phantom World First Impressions

I actually like how the show started. A mix of action, introduction, and some info dump, to get the new show started. So far all the characters that was introduced are pretty likeable. The action is pretty nice as well, so is the opening and ending song. The only downside is that there is quite a lot of fanservice in it, if that’s even a downside for most of you guys, hehe. Do I need to talk about the animation? Since it’s done by KyoAni, you know it’s going to be pretty good.


Aside from all that, the anime has quite a number of good cast as well. Some popular seiyuu like Uesaka Sumire, Uchida Maaya and also Hayami Saori is voicing the main characters in the show. Not to mentioned the director is Tatsuya Ishihara, who directs some of my favorite anime such as, Clannad, Kanon, Nichijou and Haruhi.


At first I thought we’re going to get a lot of info dumped at us, but it turns out it was quite nicely done. Although a bit heavy at the beginning, the info dump kinda got separated in small parts afterwards, with a bunch of stuff happening in between. The pacing is just right for me. In between those info dump they kinda add some action between it. They also took the opportunity to put a bunch of fanservice in between.


A few characters has been introduced, and the focus has been on Ichijou who is pretty knowledgeable and likes to read books, then there is Mai Kawakami, who does all the combat while delivering us some fanservice, and also the cute junior Reina Izumi, who can swallow phantoms when they are weak. 3 of them makes one great team with good chemistry. Personally out of all of them I really like Reina, she is pretty cute, and very polite. My type of girl. Reina kinda looks like the imouto from Charlotte though, although more mature and taller.


Musaigen no Phantom World utilize soundtracks and music pretty well too. I really have to praise an anime whenever they did that right. Animation wise, it’s pretty good as expected from KyoAni. From start to finish, the animation has been consistent, and an eye candy. The story for the first episode is pretty entertaining and managed to keep me interested. So far, they haven’t got into detail of what to expect in the series, besides catching all those phantoms that is. Hopefully there is more to it than just phantoms.


A good start for the series, I’m pretty pleased so far. Hopefully they could keep this up for the remainder of the series. The series seems like a mix of a bunch of anime though. Hopefully by the end of the series, there is something that could make this series unique compared to the rest. So far it has potential, and I think i’ll be blogging this anime week in, week out. Thanks for reading.