Nijiiro Days Episode 5-6

Another late post, sorry about that. I really like how things are going at the moment. While episode 5 was just about the boys, episode 6 is what it’s all about this week. Anna finally showing signs of affection is really nice to see, and seeing the boys being boys wasn’t bad either. I bet the girls who watches this really likes it. Overall entertaining as ever, and some nice romance to go with it. Also Natchan is actually good at something, what a surprise.


Episode 5 was actually pretty good overall. We know more about Natchan at what he is good at. So turns out he is really good at tennis, even his senior pretty much lost against him. I didn’t expect him to be good at sports at all, but I bet it was due to that rough training from his senior that he become this good. Tsuyo-pon and Matsu is really terrible though, lol!


As for episode 6, I think it’s one of my favorite episode. You know why I like it a lot anyway, it has to be because of Anna. For the first time I think we finally saw a different side of her. Showing some affection towards Natchan and really showing signs of loving him. She was jealous, she was sad, she was cold. Such a cute thing to see. I know I would have been hurt broken as well seeing Natchan holding hands with some other girls if I were in her position. Good thing Keichan made it clear in the end.


Seeing how happy Anna was when she was invited by Natchan and all was really cute. She was really looking forward to it. It’s nice to see that Anna is pretty much a normal girl after all. The good think I see in her is that she didn’t shout or get really mad like any other girls in anime though. Sure the mad face, but not shouting and etc, was really nice. Seeing the unsure Anna was really lovely. She really loves him that much, it’s quite a fast development, but a good one. I like that they didn’t drag it too long, and this is just really nice to see.


Overall both episode was really a good one to watch. I really enjoyed every minute of it. Since I watched 2 episode at once, it really felt a lot better with more content. Maybe I should do it for this series, but then again there is always things to talk about. Hopefully the next episode is about other guys and their girls next. I am waiting for that development between Matsu and Mari. Both of them looks really sweet together, despite the argument. Whatever is coming next, I’m sure it’s going to be a good one to watch. Thanks for reading.



Nijiiro Days Episode 4

I really like this show. I wish more people would give it a try. There doesn’t seems to be much who watches it, at least the people I know. It’s a really good shoujo anime so far, and one that I really rate highly this season. While the anime is good, the manga is a lot more detailed, just in case you wanted to know more about everything that is going around in the anime. There seems to be a lot of progress this week, again. The show is focused on the sadist dude this time, but everyone does get a fair share of screen time and moments.


Kei-chan seems to be lonely. While all the other guys have a date or girlfriend, he doesn’t seems to have any. They kinda explained it more detailed this week. He is really a pure sadist, can’t see how all the girl would work well with him. I guess he needs to find one of those masochist girl? I think so. He seems very direct with the things he likes, which is kinda admirable. A girl confessed and he told her she was a sadist. It’s kinda sad, but I guess he has to tell them, because he knows things might not work out if he doesn’t. The girl was kinda cute too, damn.


I never thought we would see a few more new characters in the series, but there is definitely more. That Taizou dude, I think he used to be Kei-chan’s best friend? Maybe. He seems to care about him too much and told the other guys. I like that Natsuki, Tomoya and Tsuyopon is concerned about him. Some bromance right there. If you want more of the conversation and stuff in details, you’ll have to read the manga, I give a few chapters a try but didn’t go as further as I’m watching yet. I’d recommend watching and reading. It’s pretty good.


While the Kei-chan doesn’t really have a girl in his mind right now. The others seems to be progressing well with the girl they like. I think Tomoya is winning Mari’s heart slowly. I really like when those two meet each other, it was fun to watch when they argue. Mari is really cute, I give you that. As for Natsuki, I think he is progressing with Anna pretty well. They are already going out, and they also have a committee work together. That will definitely progress their relationship more. It’s kinda weird how Anna doesn’t mind it all though. It’s like she likes him, but doesn’t know it yet. Very interesting.


Really loving the show so far. Besides Shirayukihime, I think this is another good shoujo show to watch. It’s fun, cute and has its fair share of shoujo moments so far. The cast is great, and the dynamic in character personality is pretty interesting as well. The animation is still consistent and not really that bad at all. I notice that there is a bunch of nice animation that the usually as well this week. While I think the soundtracks could have been better, it’s pretty alright when it comes to that. Looking forward for more of this anime. Thanks for reading.


Nijiiro Days Episode 3

Another good episode. I really like this anime. Despite it being short, it’s still as good as any other full-fledged anime. This week its about the boys and their low grades. So that means it’s study week for them. They also introduced Tsuyopon’s girlfriend this week. There is some surprises, and some good development for Natchan. Very entertaining to watch, and a bit on the romantic side.


Since three of the boys didn’t really do well in their test, they were forced to pass the make-up test. So this week we pretty much found out that all the boys are really bad in studying, and the only bright one out of the four is just Tsuyopon. Seems normal, but it does makes the show interesting to watch. We also found out that Anna is really a smart girl, and she is top 20 in the finals in school. Now I like her even more.


Tsuyopon’s girlfriend isn’t bad either. She is full of energy and very talkative. The part that I didn’t expect to see from her is that she likes cosplaying. Damn you Tsuyopon, he got a girlfriend with the same hobby as him. If you notice, Tsuyopon really likes anime, you can see figures, mangas and anime poster in his house. That pretty much confirms it that he is into that kind of stuff. There is also a short appearance of Tsuyopon’s mom, she is lovely, but maybe it is her sister? I don’t know.


The most interesting part about the show though is the development between Anna and Natchan. It’s kinda fast but I think it was very natural. Natchan walked Anna home and there was some love development there. I like those two, it looks like a good match, definitely. Both kinda confessed that they like to be together as well. Awww sooo sweet! Although they didn’t mean as girlfriends and boyfriends, it does make those two a little bit closer this time. Also that part about Tsuyopon walking his girlfriend home was sweet too.


So far I’m really happy that I picked this up. If I were to pick my favorite anime, this anime is definitely in it, below Boku Dake and Shouwa. I doubt many people likes shoujo that much, but I’m really into this kinda anime, so yeah I’m bias 😛 Looking forward for more Nijiiro Days. I’m thinking of reading the manga soon, maybe. Well that’s all this week, thanks for reading. Do remember to check out our GIF gallery for more gifs from this episode.


Nijiiro Days Episode 2

This week’s episode confirms it that this series is one of my favorite this season. I really like myself some shoujo anime and besides watching Akagami no Shirayukihime, this anime is a nice addition in the shoujo department. It’s just 13 minutes long, but what it offers is something similar to any other anime that is around 24 minutes long. Besides the character we meet last week, this week marks the debut of Mari Tsutsui. A very interesting girl, and a great addition to the show. With her around, it’s a lot interesting this week.


I really like the romantic side of this anime this week, and the funny part was fun to watch as well. Time goes by really fast and I think without knowing Anna has already fallen in love for Natsuki. Well at least that’s how I perceive it. She seems to care about him a lot, and vice versa. Thanks to Mari though, it could have gotten a lot more interesting for Natsuki and Anna. It’s really pretty crazy though. Mari is the type who hates boys to the core. Crazy girl, but has her cute side, I suppose.


That part where Natsuki and the boys made chocolates though was really funny. I like that they were able to include the part where the boys were fooling around and what not, it was nice to watch. Really reminds me a bit of Kimi to Boku at some point. That part where Mattsun kinda just kissed Mari was surprising though. I think that might just change Mari a little bit. Also Mattsun seems very interested with her. It’s a good beginning between them, and I’m sure more awesome stuff will happen really soon.


I like that they were able to include some info about the other 2 boys as well. Looks like one of the guys already have a girlfriend, and the other one is really a saddist, lol! This will be interesting to watch, when they get to their parts. One of them seems to like anime too I guess, that gundam chocolate kinda gives us a good hint. So far I’m liking the variation of personality between the boys and girls. It should get really interesting once they are done with all the introductions.


I’m happy for Natsuki though. He already got chocolates from Anna. Although I think Anna gave it without any love attention, it does feel like Anna likes him without noticing. I just wonder how it will turn out at the end, but it’s interesting so far. This gonna be good, and I really wish there is more to watch right away. I really like this sort of anime, slice of life is always my favorite type of anime, and a mix of shoujo makes it more interesting. Looking forward to the next episode, thanks for reading.


Nijiiro Days First Impressions

This anime has the potential to become a very good shoujo show. First of all this is just half the length of a normal show, just 13 minutes long. It’s pretty good so far, they get into the shoujo part pretty quick as well. Lets make it clear, this is not a boys love show. I know a lot is probably going to say it is one, base on the key visual, but it’s shoujo. They made it pretty clear that every guy is probably gonna get a girlfriend too in the opening song visuals. It’s about guys doing nothing and enjoying themselves in highschool. Pretty much what I want for a slice of life show. Both girls and boys can pretty much enjoy watching this show. The animation is pretty good, the opening song and ending is nice as well.


I’m loving the show despite it only being 13 minutes long. I kinda wish it was longer, but we’re getting 26 episodes from this show, so that’s pretty good for me. The character in the show is really fun to watch. All 4 boys in the show has a different set of personality, which makes the show vibrant. They only focused on one of the guys so far which is Hashiba, who sorta have a crush on this girl during Christmas Eve, while being dumped by some other girl during the same day. He has a pretty interesting personality, one who is shy, panics easily and overreacts just about anything, but he is a pretty nice guy. The girl on the other hand is Kobayakawa Anna, a very quiet girl and has her own sense of pace. She doesn’t talk much, but she’s pretty cute and lovely. The other boys are pretty much handsome too, and the other 3 girls that has yet to be introduced are really pretty as well. This is pretty much going to be an awesome shoujo show, as far as I can tell.


The animation is pretty nice. Very colourful and vibrant, and well animated. There doesn’t seems to be much of a problem in terms of animation, looks just good to me for a slice of life anime.  The voice actor seems fine as well. At first it had me worried that Hashiba might has the same voice as Kirito since it’s the same voice actor, but the voice is kinda different which is good. I’d be hard to watch if he has the same voice, because I don’t like Kirito’s voice that much. I really like Kobayakawa’s voice though, pretty polite type of voice.


Despite this anime being slice of life kinda anime, the show is very heavily focused on the shoujo aspect as well. In fact I could say that it’s more shoujo than slice of life. I’m loving the direction it’s at, at the moment, and I’m really looking forward for more of this anime. It’s pretty funny too at times, which is pretty nice. The mix of slice of life and shoujo is what makes it great for me, and the variety of personality, and the number of pretty girls and handsome boy(for girls) is just nice. I’m really looking forward for more, and I can pretty easily say that this could be one of my favorite anime too this season. Hopefully you guys and girls will pick this up, it’s gonna be one hella of a shoujo, I could guarantee you that.