Play Pokémon In The Real World with Pokémon Go

The day has finally come where we can catch Pokemon in the real world. Well not literally catch them for real but with the use of augmented reality, we can experience part of it using our smartphone. The idea is to go out, get some fresh air, and catch some Pokemon.


The Pokemon Company announced today via a livestream event that it is working with Nintendo, GAME FREAK, and software development company Niantic to create the Pokémon GO smartphone app. The app will be available in 2016 for Android phones and iPhones. The year 2016 also marks the 20th anniversary of the original Pokémon games.


There is also a watch-like peripheral (mostly worked on by Nintendo) for the game called Pokémon Go Plus that allows you to basic things like throw a Poké Ball. It pairs with your phone and has a rumble and flash feature when you come across or interact with a Pokemon in the real world. The idea is that you can enjoy the world around you, instead of focusing only on your phone. It is said that the app won’t be a standalone title, and that they could also connect it to the other Pokemon games.


My thoughts on this, it surely is interesting.  But one thing is for sure, it won’t turn out like the trailer we just saw. You can see how the app actually is on the last 10 seconds of the trailer. I’m sure you can see those Pokemon in the real world with augmented reality, but yeah you gotta see everything on your phone. So it’s not as pleasant or awesome as in the trailer. Nonetheless, i’m definitely excited about it. I’d probably get the peripheral too when it’s available.



Mega Gallade, Sharpedo & Camerupt Revealed


Here we have it: Another batch of Mega Evolution reveals straight from the wonderful land of Japan! The scans from this month’s ‘CoroCoro’ magazine have been leaked online and they reveal the Mega Evolution forms of Gallade, Sharpedo and Camerupt. Alongside the Evolutions, ‘CoroCoro’ also released some more information regarding the ‘Primal’ forms of both Groudon and Kyogre.


Mega Sharpedo, once evolved, gets a huge overall stat boost and gains the ability ‘Strong Jaw’ which boosts the power of biting moves by 50%. Mega Camerupt becomes slower once it has evolved but gets a significant boost in all other aspects. It also gains the ability ‘Sheer Force’ which “removes additional effects to increase move damage”, as it is described in-game.


Mega Gallade has yet to receive any specific details on how it has changed statistically. Primal Groudon and Kyogre will also gain new abilities once they have Mega Evolved: Kyogre will get the ‘Sea Of Beginnings’ ability which will activate an environmental effect called ‘Strong Rain’. Groudon will get the ‘Land Of Endings’ ability which, much like Kyogre’s, will activate an environmental effect called ‘Strong Sunlight’.


We’re now only two months away from the official worldwide release of the game on the 21st of November (28th in Europe…sorry, Euro gamers) and anticipation could not be higher! Let the trumpets sound as we fly back in time, revisiting old friends, re-battling old enemies and reliving one hell of an awesome adventure!


Pokkén Tournament Arcade Game Announced in Japan

The Pokémon Company just announced its new project: Pokkén Tournament. It’s a fighting game in collaboration with Namco Bandai’s Tekken Team. “Whether you are a causal player, a regular player or a hardcore player, anyone who likes Pokemon can have fun,” said Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada. The head of the Tekken Team said that Pokkén Tournament is actually “closer to an action game.” He added that Namco used its “know how” to develop the game. 

Pokken Tournament3

The game is slated to hit Japanese arcades next year. No news about this game being announced in Japan, but the trailer that we saw was in English, so it’s very encouraging, that might hint us to a Western release in the future.

Pokken Tournament2

The saddest thing about this announcement is probably those who own a Wii U. I’m pretty sure everyone was expecting this to be a Wii U game, but no, it had to be an arcade game. I’m not quite sure if it’s a smart move but this is not the way to sell the Wii U. Hopefully a Wii U version will be announced in the future, because Wii U is definitely in need of more Pokemon games.

Pokken Tournament

Slowpoke Gets His Own Reggae Song

Embrace the power of Slowpoke! Slowpoke has taken a break from lazing on Seafoam Islands to record a reggae song, which has been released by Nintendo alongside a quite hypnotic, unsettling but catchy music video. The song is totally official and named Donai Yanen Yadon, roughly translating as How You’re A Slowpoke After All. An array of wince-inducing Poké gags fill the lyrics, including the lines “Your big mouth is always open like a convenience store” and “Is it something to be proud of that you move so slowly that you never blur photos?” slowpoke

The visuals meanwhile see a host of Slowpokes slowly marching around the screen and occasionally stopping to stare deep into your soul. Personally I really like the song, because it resembles Slowpoke perfectly. In Japanese, Slowpoke’s name is “Yadon” (ヤドン). I am really a big Pokemon fan but not so big to actually bother with competitive battle in the Pokemon game. I really like Pokemon because of my childhood, just brings back all those nostalgia..really. What’s your thought on this song? Do you like Pokemon? slowpoke2

Pokémon ORAS Secret Bases, The Best Feature Ever

The Pokemon Company has given fans an in-depth look at secret bases in a brand new trailer. The Japanese trailer displays a thorough look at what players can expect to find and collect in their secret bases for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


Pokemon plush dolls, interesting gym layouts, deceptive lighting tricks and other such furniture will be available to collect in-game, giving players unlimited customization options. You can recruit new friends to have them join your crew. Having more friends can be beneficial as the Secret Pals will help make your Pokémon eggs hatch faster, along with another feature that lets you raise the level of one of your Pokémon by one. There is also capturing flags and ranking up features. Plus, there are opportunities for players to visit friends’ secret bases via QR codes. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire launches November 21 for North America and November 28 in Europe.